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YouTube To MP4 Converter

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While YouTube is accessible via the internet from any location however, there are occasions when you have to save certain YouTube videos offline because of connectivity issues or for personal use. This is when you require online converters to save a video from YouTube to MP4.

One such service that is reliable is the ‘Online YouTube to MP4 convert files to which allows you to save YouTube videos in a flash. In addition to saving YouTube video files in the MP4 format. It is also possible to download audio files in MP3 format with this tool. The tool is available as an application that works on Windows as well as macOS.

How Do You Save a Video From YouTube To MP4 Through the Online Browser?

YouTube to MP4 Converter – It is an online service which allows you to save any YouTube video in some click. Here’s how:

  • Visit the site.
  • Copy URL that you want to download.
  • Open YouTube to MP4 converter page and paste URL in it. The copy link into the box shown in the picture.
  • Click on convert YouTube to MP4.
  • In few second, an option show for ‘Download Video’ or ‘Download Audio’.
  • Now if you want to select download option then it save in video format otherwise it save in audio/mp3 version.

How Do You Download YouTube Videos Using App?

If you are looking to downloading an application for YouTube video then I’ll prefer you to YouTube to MP4 converter.

  • Download the YouTube MP4 converter application here.
  • Download and run .exe file to installation.
  • After installation YouTube to MP4 Converter, it will open default.
  • Copy the URL that you want to download from YouTube.
Download YouTube To Mp4 Converter
  • Then return to YT to MP4 converter application.
  • Paste those URL and it will automatically detect the video
Paste Youtube Video Converter

Also, YouTube to MP4 converter has feature to download an entire playlist. You can merge all video in a single MP4 file by checking the box that says “merge into one File.’

  • Then, choose the dropdown box that says “Convert to MP4” and then select ‘Original Quality or Economy (for smaller output files).
Select Drop Down Box

Be aware that during this process you can choose other formats and also the quality of the file to be transformed.

  • After all, click on YouTube converter mp4 download and then wait in few second; it will convert your video to MP4 from YouTube.
Download Mp4 converter video

YouTube Online Convert to MP4: Prices and the Availability

If you are looking for a YouTube online convert to MP4 then this online application is totally free of cost and available for everyone. Online You Tube to MP4 is available for both Windows and macOS operating system in free and paid version. Free version is best for beginners but if you are an expert then you need to purchase paid application for advance feature.

If you purchase the version with premium features, you receive the additional benefits:

  • Faster speed, better quality
  • The Playlist, as well as Vevo download
  • License for three computers
  • Ad-free, auto-updates
  • No watermark

Price: YouTube to MP4 Converter for Windows as well as Mac cost in US Dollar

  • $19 for one year
  • $29 for a lifetime

Friendly Question to ask (Youtube to MP4 Converter)

1) What is YouTube to MP4 Converter Application?

Answer: Simply, if you want to watch video in offline mode. Then you should to install YouTube to MP4 converter application. This conversion video supports almost all devices including: PC, smart phone and MacOS.

2) Feature for YouTube Videos MP4 converter?

Answer: It allow you to convert video from YouTube and also all social media platforms in both video and audio formats. Also, YouTube to video converter has feature to download an entire playlist with fast downloading speed then other application. You can also download the video in YouTube to MP3 converter in audio format.

3) Why should you convert YouTube videos to MP4 format?

Answer: The MPEG-4 also known as MP4 the video file format was invented through the International Standard Organization (ISO) in 2001. The benefit of saving YouTube video with the MP4 formats is the fact that it is less likely to lose of quality when compressing them to a higher quality in comparison to other formats.

4) Does it violate the law to Download Convert YouTube Movies to MP4?

Answer: Downloading videos with copyright without the explicit consent from the original creator is illegal. But, you are able to legally download convert YouTube movies to MP4 that is not copyright-free for personal use.

5) Can I Convert Videos by Using YouTube to MP4 converter Online?

Answer: Copy your YouTube video URL and Paste it into the conversion box. After that select the video format which you want to convert. All devices support these download YouTube video to mp4 format.

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