What is cashback

What is cashback? Explain it

by eilidhsienna

As the name suggests, cashback is money given back to the consumer after making a certain amount of payment for the purchase of products and/or services. Most of these are issued to credit card holders and often to debit card holders and are very useful for promotions, sales growth and business growth.

Cashback is a way of getting you back a portion of the price you pay for buying products. To make a purchase of a particular value in a shop, it can also be viewed as a discount or a gift back. 

Cashbacks are also offered on current accounts. Cashbacks are directly rewarded to the account by which the payment was made after a purchase, so always check whether the same product has a cashback on the online shop before making a purchase.

It is important to know what cashback offers are: 

What are cashback offers?

Basically, cashback deals are cashback offers available on all kinds of items. To obtain a cashback, there is a convenient procedure, which is, 

  1. The procurement of the commodity occurs. 
  2. A proof of purchase is shown by the participant; if the purchase occurs electronically, it immediately appears. 
  3. The business verifies the purchase. 
  4. The cashback sum is already decided and computerized. 
  5. The user earns the cashback.

Please note that there is a difference between cashback and flat cashback.

When a business says 20 percent flat cashback, the business implies that cashback is exactly 20 percent and not more or less, while when 100 percent cashback is stated, it implies that cashback can be up to 100 percent, which simply means that it can vary from 1-100 percentages. 

How does cashback work?

Cashbacks are offered in several ways. The two most important methods of offering cashback are:

1. By Cashback Websites 

Cashback websites are websites for rewarding incentives to customers. These are the websites which offer cashback offers and other beneficial incentives to their users. These websites are associated with the websites of retailers and do their ads and promotions. They are expected to guide traffic (paying customers) to the retailer’s websites. It may be free to enter some of these websites, while some may entail some membership fees. They can usually be accessed free of charge.

Users are expected to access the websites of retailers through the link provided by the cashback websites. As users buy items from the retailer and the payment is verified, the retailer provides the cashback website with a portion of the transaction sum as commission. The cashback website then provides the customer with this money in the form of cashback. The user will then withdraw this money into his or her bank account or redeem it in some other way. But the customer must ensure that if the store website has been used when previously searching, then the internet cookies must be cleared before the cashback website is used or there will not be a cashback offer.

Within 4 to 6 weeks, some cashback websites offer cashback, while others can take up to a few months to return cashback. To be able to withdraw the funds, some cashback websites also keep a minimum cashback level for the customer. Smart customers who want to save money while buying goods should make sure they visit cashback websites and register and search through them to find top cashback deals to save money. 

2. By credit cards

Cashback is received by issuers of credit cards, too. In fact, the most widely used form of getting/providing cashback is cashback via credit cards. You certainly want to know how this is done. So, technically, when the credit card company first issues the credit card to the customer, as part of the package, there are two incentive choices available, one of which must be selected by the user. One is a loyalty program that provides the cardholder with reward points when he or she performs a credit card purchase. Another is the cashback loyalty program in which cashback on making purchases via credit card is given to the customer. 

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When a payment using the credit card is made with the customer getting a cashback program as part of their credit card contract, the retailer needs to pay the credit card company part of the purchase sum as fees. These payments are known as merchant fees. They send a portion of it back to the customer as cashback when the credit card company collects these merchant fees. For credit card issuers, this is good as the cashback offers consumers financial benefits and they then choose to use their credit cards instead of cash or debit cards. Another way they gain from it is that the higher the cost of the purchase, the higher the merchant fees the credit card business receives, hence more financial income for them.

Which are the best cashback websites?

There are many websites and apps for finding the best cashback offers worldwide, in USA and across the world. Below is a list of some of the best cashback websites in USA.

  1.     Coupondunia
  2.     Pennyful
  3.     Topcashback.in
  4.     Gopaisa
  5.     Paisawapas.com
  6.     Baggout.com
  7.     Cashkaro 
  8.     Myleastprice.com
  9.     Paisaget.com
  10.   Cashvaapas.com
  11.   Zingoy.com

And many more great websites for amazing cashback offers and deals are available on the Internet. Check them out to find the best deals and offers for your online shopping.

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