What Does Umrah Maqbool And Mabroor Mean?

by Jack Leo

What is Umrah?

Umrah is an Islamic minor pilgrimage that can be performed at any time of the year. Being able to perform Umrah is a blessing to Muslims as it’s a sunnah of prophet Muhammed (S.A.W.W). Sunnah is not mandatory to perform but Muslims do it for the sake of Allah and to seek forgiveness. It is very flexible as a Muslim can perform Umrah once he is financially stable and healthy. Umrah can be done after booking the all-inclusive Umrah Packages When talking about Umrah the question comes in mind about Umrah Maqbool And Mabroor. Lets Check the details about these two.

What is Umrah Mabroor?

The Mabroor is an Arabic word which means:

·         Good gesture towards people or fulfilling your duty towards others.

·         Doing worship and having the attribute of taqwa, where all standards are satisfied, and the activity is done almost perfectly.

Umrah Mabroor is the accepted umrah where a person abstains from his sins. He becomes a new person and becomes closer to Allah almighty.

What is Umrah Maqbool?

The meaning of Maqbool in Arabic means accepted, granted or admitted. So, umrah Maqbool means May Allah accept your umrah. It is seen like a prayer from a Muslim to another Muslim who is going to Mecca, to perform umrah.

Difference between umrah Mabroor and umrah Maqbool?

Umrah Mabroor is the umrah in which a person refrains from his sins. It softens the heart of pilgrims and removes every bad deed, for instance, showing off pretentiousness, or fame. It also brings them closer to Allah almighty. While Umrah Maqbool is a statement or a wish to pilgrims who are about to go on embark on the journey of umrah. It can also be termed as a prayer from one Muslim to another Muslim. It is an Arabic word which means Accepted. (The whole umrah ritual which pilgrims perform will be accepted by Allah almighty)

When a person returns from performing umrah. They return spiritually refreshed; he feels like a completely new person which not only strengthens their Iman but also becomes closer to Allah almighty. Following are some of the benefits of performing Umrah Mabroor When a person returns from the house of Allah, he develops a new level of love for Islam. His Iman deepens and he tries his best, to stay away from all the bad habits and sins. He keeps himself away from bad company and tries best to utilize his time worshipping Allah. It all depends on Allah, but it is stated that

The one who performs umrah with good and pure intention his sins are forgiven

What should I say if someone is going to umrah?

When someone is going to umrah we should pray for them and their safety. We should also pray for acceptance of their umrah by saying

·         Umrah Maqboolah.

·         Umrah Maqboolah: Accepted umrah (Allah accept it)

·         Al Umrah Al Maqboolah: the accepted umrah (the umrah that Allah accept it.

Praying for someone’s acceptance of umrah will not only brings you closer to them but will also develop a desire of performing umrah in your heart. Islam always teaches its people to be happy for others. By wishing someone goodwill, you are earning yourself, a blessing from Allah.

What should I say when someone is wishing me Umrah Maqbool?

When someone is wishing you Umrah Maqbool you should say (جَزَاكَ ٱللَّٰهُخَيْرًا‎, jazāka –llāhu khayran) which means “May God reward you with goodness." Umrah can be purchased from any hajj and umrah travel agency. And once you reach Mecca, make sure to pray for them and their family.

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