upper mustang trek in Nepal

Upper Mustang Trek in Nepal

by eilidhsienna

Upper Mustang trek, trekking to the forbidden kingdom of Nepal, is one of the best treks in Nepal. Upper Mustang 13 days trekking, and the tour allows you to experience Annapurna region trekking in Nepal.

The Upper Mustang region is also known as the desert of Nepal because of being on the rain shadow area of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayas.

One of the most expensive permit cost of $500, it makes Upper Mustang, one of the most preserved places of Nepal but it is worth spending the money in upper mustang trekking like other treks in Nepal.

A unique Tibetan culture, trans-Himalayan landscapes, beautiful monasteries & caves, century-old royal palace are the main attractions of this trek.

Today I am going to tell you about three things you will see during Upper Mustang trek in Nepal:

1. Experience the Tibetan culture in Nepal

Upper Mustang is so close to Tibet. You will surprise to see locals of the Upper Mustang region of Nepal because local living in upper mustang will speak the Tibetan language and follow the unique Tibetan culture, tradition, beliefs, and values. Probably upper mustang is the only place where you can explore Tibetan culture in Nepal.

Tiji is one of the main festivals of the region, for people of Lo Manthang. Local peoples of different villages of Upper Mustang decorate themselves in the jewelers and their costumes to contribute to this festival where there are divide horse races for women and men.

2. Explore Lo Manthang

Village of Lo Manthang is another most popular and best thing to see during the Upper valley tour. Lo Man thang is the capital of Upper Mustang, the last and most significant settlement in the North Mustang. It is situated at the elevation of 3,800 m above the sea level. It is usually called the “City of Clay” and “City of the wall.” You have to stay at least one more day to visit and explore the Lo Manthang properly.

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The three days Tiji festival of the Lo Manthang, which will be celebrated every year, is famous around the world. Lo Manthang is the last destination of the Upper Mustang Nepal, where the Tibetan border lies.

3. Visit Monasteries, Cave & Gumpas

There are a lot of caves, Monasteries & Gumpas in Upper Mustang Nepal. Some of them well famous visited by many travelers around while some are still strange to the outer globe. Jong cave is one of the famous cave in Upper Mustang valley, located in Chooser. Before the 2500 year’s people lived in the cave, rather than in villages, you have to buy a ticket to go into the cave, and a private guide will escort you on your cave trip.

Likewise, Monasteries in the villages of Upper Mustang has its cultural variety. In Lo Manthang, there are three old monasteries, with the oldest one, known as The God House, being seven hundred years old.


Except for the things mentioned above to see during Upper Mustang trek in Nepal, you can see lots of best places while trekking. Some of the other highlights of the upper mustang trekking in Nepal Himalayas are Kali Gandaki bridge gorge, Muktinath temple, Kagbeni village, etc.

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