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Tips to Automate a Webinar to do them successfully!

by Jack Leo

One of the most effective ways to engage leads and progress them down the sales funnel is through webinars, which almost all marketers employ. In fact, current B2B marketing estimates indicate that 73% of all webinar attendance results in lead generation, particularly at this time when consumers are compelled to attend meetings and events online. Experts use webinars as marketing tools in the digital age to expand their audience reach and increase lead generation.

Are you trying to find a way to be more productive and save time? If so, a pre-recorded webinar might be the solution. To host automated webinars, the majority of professionals and event planners use webinar platforms and webinar services. You are in the appropriate place if you are considering conducting an automated webinar. You’ll learn the top advice for running an automated webinar successfully and growing your audience in this session.

What is an automated webinar?

Automated webinars are previously recorded and produced webinars that are broadcast on demand or automatically according to a schedule. In contrast, to live webinars, there isn’t really an opportunity to participate in a live chat or have the host personally respond to attendees’ questions. Instead, this type of webinar automates all audience interactions by integrating polls, questionnaires, and CTA buttons to keep viewers engaged without having the host there to answer their questions in person. Consumers are free to rewatch automated webinars whenever, wherever, and however often they like.

The ability to record your live webinar and show it as an automated one is the most crucial feature of online webinar platforms. Compared to conventional webinars, you can reach a wider audience in this method. Hosting an automated webinar on the best webinar platform has a variety of advantages. Several of them are listed below:

  • The recorded version of your webinar can help you to save your time and efforts
  • Multistreaming is also a great possibility via which you can stream your automated webinar to multiple platforms at the same time.
  • Most experts host automated webinars through interactive webinar platforms in order to attract more audiences and generate leads
  • This form of the webinar can help you to improve customer service
  • It can help you to create long-term leads
  • This form of the webinar is beneficial to improve brand awareness and recognition
  • It improves customer satisfaction
  • It is easy to use
  • The best Webinar platform allows you to schedule automated webinars according to your requirement.

Tips for an automated webinar

Choose the right content type

One of the most crucial components of an automated webinar is picking an engaging and practical topic. You must select an engaging and pertinent subject for your audience if you hope to capture their attention. For instance, if your target audience works in the IT sector and the topic of your automated webinar is management, your webinar will be boring and your audience will quit. Therefore, before organizing an automation webinar, it is crucial to investigate the most recent and popular topics.

Select the right webinar platform

A reputable online webinar platform must be used if you plan to organize an automation webinar. With the aid of this application, you can more easily share the recorded version of your webinar over the internet. For an automated webinar, webinar service providers offer a variety of interactive capabilities to keep your audience interested. The majority of webinar platforms provide live chats, surveys, polls, and more. Before selecting a webinar platform to host your automated webinar, take the following factors into account:

  • Ability to handle multiple presenters and audience
  • Sales features and tools
  • Automation live chat
  • Budget-friendly webinar platform
  • Ability to share the content on different social media platforms

Create a powerful script

Every successful webinar presentation is built on a solid script, and even the most seasoned speakers and hosts rely on it. Even if you are passionate about the topic, it can be challenging to talk for up to an hour. A script not only keeps you from becoming distracted but also aids in time management. Each section of an effective script ought to have a timestamp. Using this method, you can always keep track of how much time is left to ensure that each part contains all the necessary information.

Focus on presentation and visual elements

Making a presentation is the next stage in producing an automated webinar after finishing the script. Keep in mind that this will be for your brand. Designing a strong presentation might be difficult, but with some creativity, it will become more achievable. Use great images and little text in your presentation because having your audience go through a long succession of boring slides will tire them out.

Customize your automated webinar

A pre-recorded video is only one of the components of an automated webinar; your software will also need to construct and modify the email notifications, registration page, interactions, and the webinar’s schedule.

Promote your automated webinar

No matter how fascinating your planned content is, if your target audience is uninformed of your upcoming event, it won’t help you reach your goals. Don’t thus skip the section where you will advertise your future webinar. You can use your social networking accounts, such as those on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms. Post aesthetically appealing and insightful videos and visuals. Additionally, you can also share a link to your automated webinar on social media. It will aid in spreading the word about your forthcoming automated webinar and boost viewership. Additionally, you may run online ads, conduct competitions, and collaborate with influencers for a shout-out.

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