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Some Tips Email Marketing Will Boost Your SEO

by eilidhsienna

Marketers are mostly of the opinion that email marketing campaigns don’t lead to improvement in the SEO of a website. Although the response time of email marketing is not as fast as compared to social media marketing, through email marketing you are connecting with a much filtered refined audience who chose to become a part of your subscribers list.

Email marketing and SEO are a great combination, as the features of email marketing and its objectives, if accomplished, directly impact the website performance and boost the SEO.

Here are 4 ways email marketing will boost your website SEO:

#1- Content boost through emails

It is quite natural for content creators to write unique and fresh content and want the world to view it ASAP. This can be easily accomplished by using email marketing. Through email marketing you have a bunch of subscribers who willingly subscribed to your website and are on the lookout to receive content from you.

So, the best way to receive instant traffic on your content is by sending the links to your posts to your subscriber through emails. This also increases the chances of your content reaching more people as your subscribers are likely to share the content on their social media platforms and more.

#2- Create valuable backlinks through emails

Email marketing can also be used to generate valuable backlinks that directly impacts the domain popularity and SEO. The best way to create valuable backlinks is by connecting with high authority websites in your niche.

While it is not possible for all big websites to reach, you can do the needful and invite them to visit your website by sending emails. You may also send them the links to your popular posts if they are similar to their niche. It may seem like a shot in the dark, but there are high chances you will get a response from them.

#3- Create separate subscribers lists

Creating separate subscribers lists is not just for organization, but it also helps you in establishing which email needs to be sent to which subscriber. When you create content on your website, you are bound to cover a lot of topics and not every subscriber would be interested in reading all the posts.

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Therefore, using their previous data and experiences on your website, you can categorize your subscribers and send them emails that will suit their interests and needs.

#4- Draw feedback from subscribers

Drawing feedback from your subscribers is very important. Apart from the metrics and analytics that many tools offer, the best response you can ever receive is from your readers directly. When you send emails asking for your readers to send their feedback, you can directly put their suggestions into action. Businesses thrive on the knowledge of where they are succeeding and the places where they need to work. Emails help in establishing this information.

In Conclusion

In this article we listed down 4 ways email marketing will boost your SEO. Digital marketing is interconnected in more ways than one can imagine. Only an experienced SEO can understand the role of various marketing assets is enhancing search appearance. offers an industry grade digital marketing institute in Delhi where you can learn the ins-and-outs of SEO.

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