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by Jack Leo

There is no doubt that in this modern age, the masses are becoming more experimental with their choices of cuisines, tastes, and drinks as well. One classic example of this is Japanese cuisine, which is quickly becoming popular among people. This is good as traditional Japanese cuisine has a reputation for being one of the healthiest world cuisines. Did you know that Japan has the lowest obesity rate in the developed world? The secret to this lies in the food and the way it’s eaten. A traditional Japanese diet consists mainly of fish rather than red meat and plenty of vegetables, pickled and fermented foods, as well as small amounts of rice. It involves eating fewer highly processed foods and consuming less sugar. This diet is low in calories as well as extremely nutritious.

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A restaurant that is here to cater to this newly found love for the cuisine in its own charismatic and unique way is Kampai located at GMR Aerocity. Incorporating a spectacular and contemporary twist on authentic Japanese cuisine, Kampai is truly a feast for the senses. This restaurant never fails to invite your eyes, awaken your appetite and tempt you to come back for more.

Choosing from Kampai’s menu is like exploring the sublime flavours of Japan and Asia. You will experience a taste so awakening that it will transport you to the Land of the Rising Sun with each bite. Guests at Kampai can enjoy two beautifully decorated dining areas. In addition, there is a tatami room where you can sit with folded legs and take part in a culinary journey with family or friends.

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This trendy restaurant near the Delhi International airport is decorated with pink cherry blossoms reminiscent of springtime in Japan, while the shimmering glow of beautifully pendant lamps envelops the partially curtained and attractively decorated enclosures. The serene atmosphere perfectly complements the expertly prepared and subtly-spiced delicious Japanese dishes. Visitors come here to enjoy some of the finest sushi and ramen in the city. The restaurant has earned applause from Japanese food enthusiasts all over. At this sensational eating joint in GMR Aerocity, guests can enjoy the perfect combination of traditional and exotic Japanese food surrounded by total comfort.

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For your first course here, you can never go wrong by ordering the Spider Sushi roll with crispy soft-shell crab and delicious tobiko sauce. The well-prepared roll is arranged on the plate as neatly cut small portions and presented in a cloud of umami. If you are a fan of Seaweed, you can also order their enticing Seaweed salad assembled with greens, apple orosho and sesame seeds. We suggest you also try out their famous Tuna Tartare along with a delicious Sliced Duck Salad with Wasabi Dressing.

The restaurant’s main course has a plethora of textures and flavours combined in a distinct fashion. From Teppanyaki Fried Rice with options that include specially seasoned prawns, pork, or chicken, to the equally alluring Shoyo Ramen dish with delectable pork chashu floating in a sea of soy-flavoured broth, served with good helpings of nori, leeks and noodles, or their mixed Seafood Ceviche with tuna, salmon, prawns, octopus, and ginger sauce with chilli. For dessert, you can order Zen Garden, which tastes even better than it looks. Dining here continues to provide exceptional variety and a memorable experience with loved ones.

It goes without saying that every dish here is tantalising and prepared with meticulous care. Enjoy Kampai’s wholesome experience from beginning to end.

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