Is Dental Bone Grafting Painful?

Is Dental Bone Grafting Painful?

by Jack Leo

Dental bone grafting has become a known method for recovering the missing bone. Using a grafting method, a dentist increases the volume and density of a targeted area. People have many questions in their minds about this dental treatment. Let’s discuss it in detail to clear up all the confusion.

Working Pattern of Bone Grafting

A person having insufficient jaw bones needs bone grafting by a professional dentist. A dentist extracts a piece of bone from a source. The sources for dental bone graft include;

  • Patient body
  • Other human body
  • Animal body
  • Synthetic bone material

After deciding on the bone source, a dentist gives Anesthesia to the patient. He sets the bone in the opening, flaps the cut gums over the corner, and uses a protective membrane to shield it from microbial attacks. Then, the Dentist stitches the gums as a final step.

Recovery Duration

Dental bone grafting takes 20 to 90 minutes for a whole procedure. After dental bone grafting, natural tissues develop and grow with grafted bone. A patient may feel normal after some days, but a complete recovery after bone grafting requires a couple of months. However, the recovery time depends upon the type of bone grafting.

Types Based on Dental Issues

Following are some types of dental bone grafting a patient may prefer to treat his missing bone.

  1. Periodontal Bone Graft to recover missing bone due to gum infection
  2. Sinus Lift for recovering the upper-missing tooth
  3. Ridge Conservation for filling the socket gap after tooth extraction
  4. Socket Augmentation for thickening the supporting jawbone that has become thin due to missing neighboring teeth.

Types Based on Bone Source

Following are the types of Bone grafts based on the source of bone material;

  1. Autografts when a bone is from a patient’s body
  2. Xenografts when a bone source is an animal, such as a cow
  3. Allografts method takes a bone from a donor or another human body
  4. Alloplastic grafts use synthetic bone for bone grafting

Is it a Painful Treatment?

It is a surgery in which the gums are opened and then closed by stitching. Like other surgeries, it is a painful dental treatment. The patient experience severe pain during the first 3 to four days. However, healthy eating and medication practices can reduce pain. 

Bone Grafting Aftereffects

The most common aftereffects that last for some days after bone graft are;

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain

A dental patient must visit his doctor for a regular checkup after a bone graft because he can observe pus at a bone-grafted place.

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