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How to put two pictures on one Instagram story

by Jack Leo

Instagram loves keeping its interface neat and clean, increase followers on instagram therefore the users were initially allowed to upload only large-sized photos to their Instagram stories. Logically it makes sense too, when you include too many photos in just a post, they look messy and cluttered. Instagram stories increase engagement rates when used effectively. It’s like your account is desultory and disoriented. However, there’s another way of maintaining the visual aesthetic of your Instagram accounts by arranging the photos in a presentable sequence. get more paid followers on instagram:” superviral

There was a time when the users were not allowed to upload more than one photo to their Instagram story but now they can combine photos and put together two or more photos on one Instagram story. There are different ways of doing that.

Collage and combine:

We all are using android or iOS phones on which Google Play store is an essential application installed by default. You can search for photo editing software, let’s suppose you want to add lighting to your photos, fix the contrasts, and make a couple of other effects to bring your photos back to life. For that, you can search “photo editor” on the Google play store and try out a couple of ones. There are tons of photo effects available today. You can choose an application that you believe will do the changes that you want to see. You can also find out a photo collage maker from Google Play Store as well. What is a collage maker? It is an application with pre-set layouts to assist the users to combine photos in different styles. They can combine photos side by side and three or four photos in an artistic style.

Most high-end photos also come with the feature of combing the photo and making the collage. If you have a Samsung photo, you can easily make a collage of your photo using the default feature of a phone without taking the help of a third-party application or software. The default feature is much easier to use than that of the one on a third-party application. You can combine as many photos as you can.

Why use collage?

The reason for using the collage feature is to combine multiple photos all at once. Let’s say you want to share a family story on your Instagram account with your friends and family members and there’s no way you can upload all the photos; it will be time-consuming. For instance, the photos of your recent cruise maybe a hundred or thousand or much more in number, you don’t want to overload your Instagram account by uploading all the pictures. The best way would be to attach three or four photos, and that’s too by making a collage to make your photo story presentable. It will look sassy, edgy, and catchy as well.

The benefit of using the collage feature is that you can crop multiple photos in a particular size, combine them, put them in a border or frame, and make them as presentable as you want them to be.

Once you make the collage, here is what you have to do:

  • Go to your Instagram account.
  • Open the camera sign option which is on the top left side of the page.
  • It will show all the recent photos in your gallery or camera roll.
  • Start uploading the colleges you have created from the photos one by one.
  • Make your story presentable and attractive using the same method.
  • Enjoy

If you have many more photos to show on your Instagram story, you can create multiple collages for all of them and upload them to share your stories with the world. This would be an interesting thing to do.

How to put two pictures on one Instagram story?

You can also use Instagram itself to put two pictures on one Instagram story. Wondering how to do it? The feature was not available before as the user could upload just one photo at a time but now it’s possible to add multiple photos.

If you don’t want to use a third-party application or software due to limited time in hand, you can add two photos at once on your Instagram story instantly. This does not require you to manually edit your images by cropping and combining them to fit in a collage or frame.

  • Open your Instagram account and profile.
  • Tap on the camera sign located on the top left page of the home page.
  • Now you will see an icon for photos photo click it
  • Pull up your camera roll to view the recent photos you have taken or saved
  • Click on the “Select Multiple” option, it iinlocatedinn the top right section.
  • Select the photos you want to upload.
  • Press next by clicking on the icon on the bottom left side.
  • Press on “next” again to continue.
  • Your photos will be shared on your Instagram story.

Uploading multiple photos:

There are different benefits of combining two photos and uploading them on an Instagram story. Sometimes you take two different shots of the same location or same scene, you don’t want to upload them separately because they are like a memory for you, particularly of a certain area, city, or location. In this case, you can upload your photos together to save your memory on Instagram. The other reason could be wanting to save your precious time. get fast followers on instagram:” click here

It takes time to upload all the photos one by one when there are tons of photos in the queue that you wish to display on your Instagram account, therefore, by using the feature of “multiple photos” you can upload them at all once in a form of a story. More importantly, their layout won’t be disrupted even if they are uploaded together because the frame will show them in a presentable sequence.

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