Draw A Fancy Letter H

How to Draw A Fancy Letter H Easily

by Jack Leo

How to Draw A Fancy Letter H. H, the eighth letter of the alphabet, is relatively easy to write. It consists of three straight lines drawn in capital letters with no complicated angles.

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Although it’s a fairly simple letter, getting everyone imaginative with extra details is great. You can create a fairly complex design from this letter; you’ll see it when you look at the final images in this guide.

Turning it into a fancy letter H might seem difficult, but we’ll show you how to make it easier!

The 6 steps in the guide will explain to you. Now that we’re done with the design let’s also look at some fun ways to customize and add to it.

How to Draw A Fancy Letter H

Step 1

This guide will focus on the capitalized version of the letter H. Although it usually has a simple design, we’ll add some fun flourishes to make it fancier.

You can take a pencil and create a rough version of the letter to prepare for drawing. This will help you keep the right shape and will also help you plan for size.

As part of the design, we will incorporate various spiral shapes. We’re going to start this first step with one of these spirals.

It’s in the top left of the letter, as you’ll see later in the guide. You can create this spiral shape with two separate lines that wrap around each other and meet at a pointed tip.

This spiral shape can be more difficult than you think, so slowly follow the reference image as you draw. Also, remember that it will be attached to the “pillar” left of the letter. With the spiral drawn, we can proceed to step 2!

Step 2

Next, we draw the lower left side of the letter. This will include another spiral similar to Step 1, but we will wait to add it.

First, draw two vertical lines with a slight curve going down from the beginning of the first spiral. Continue drawing halfway through the letter.

At this point, we’ll add a small pointed shape on the left side and create a small gap on the right side.

To complete this step, we’ll draw the left “leg” of the letter. This will poke out and void underneath the little pointed shape you left a moment ago.

The leg gradually curls into a spiral that mirrors the thigh, as the reference image shows. This is enough for the left side; we’ll finish the right side in the next step.

Step 3

The right side of your patterned letter H will be plainer than the left. This is because we won’t draw any spirals, which was probably the most complicated part of the previous step.

First, we draw two horizontal lines from the space we left earlier. These horizontal lines have a slight curvature.

Next, we draw the right side column and leg. You will have a much simpler design.

Each consists of slightly curved vertical straight lines. Each ends in a pointed tip.

The top one points to the left, and the bottom to the right. Once these are drawn, your pattern is complete!

You could now erase those lines if you drew the letter H in pencil. Be careful when erasing pencil lines, as you can mess up your drawing in a few ways.

You could accidentally erase the lines you wanted for the picture or smudge the ink from the pen.

When you’re happy with the outline, the next step is adding some interior details.

Step 4

The next steps involve adding fun details in and around the design. In our reference image, you can see how we decided to decorate the inside of the letter.

We created a zigzag pattern inside the letter using mainly straight lines. This makes the letter look even more complicated and is great for adding color later.

While you could go for a similar design with your drawing, we encourage you to create your unique design if you wish!

It could be a variation of our template, or you prefer to fill the letter with shapes or texture details. There are correct ways to decorate your letter!

Step 5

We have a few more imaginative details to add before we start coloring this piece of art! The previous step was about the internal details, and in this step, we will focus on the details around the letter.

These details are a good starting point for building your ideas and variations. First, we added some spiral lines sticking out from some ends of the letter.

These spirals make it look fancier, but we’re still going! We also drew some curved lines along some edges of the letter.

Then we also added rows of small dots along the outline. Finally, we drew some leaves along the spiral at the top right of the letter.

Now that you’ve seen what these details look like, you can decide which ones you want to keep for your design and move them around as you like.

Don’t be afraid to add some of your ideas too! You can also fill the background with details to create a thematic wallpaper.

It’s something to consider, but we’ll focus on the colors in the next step. Don’t worry, though; we’ll return to this thought when we discuss some topics and ideas to try after Step 6!

Step 6

Painting is always fun as there are so many colors, artistic means, and techniques to try. We had to choose one for our example of this awesome letter H.

We chose a bright orange color to give the letter a bold and warm look. It’s a great color for letters, but there are many colors you can use for design.

You could go for something completely different or combine different colors with this orange. The template we used for the letter would allow you to add many colors.

Also, remember that the colors you choose are only part of the equation for coloring. You can also play with fun art mediums and craft items to get your colors.

Remember the background too! You can fill it with solid colors or create more patterns and details.

It’s up to you, so have fun coloring and see what you think! Before we wrap up, let’s explore some ideas to spark your imagination.

Your Fancy Letter H Drawing is Finished!

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