How Good Is The Ghost Immobiliser?

How Good Is The Ghost Immobiliser?

by Jack Leo

Ghost immobiliser uses the buttons in your vehicles like those on the steering wheel, center console or door panels. It enables you to make a changeable and unique PIN code that needs to be entered first before you drive your vehicle. It would secure your car from hacking, key-cloning and even key theft. The only way a thief could steal a ghost immobiliser secured car is by towing it away, and also he would never be able to drive it.

The Ghost Immobiliser is an anti-clone vehicle security system that is available for customers who want additional safety for their cars. They are designed and built to combat car crimes involving theft of vehicles with the car owners keys. This new security system is ideal for your vehicle security!

How Does a Ghost Immobiliser Work?

The Ghost Immobiliser can connect to your CAN bus or Controller Area Network bus, which controls different mechanical functions such as engine startup routine through communication with ECU or Engine Control Unit. The Ghost Immobiliser then intercepts the electronic signals to disable the car engine system of your car until it is deactivated with a specific code which is input using controls in your vehicle, like buttons on the steering wheel.

In addition, this code can incorporate obscure buttons and contain around 20 inputs, making it securer than a physical key or PIN. The Ghost Immobiliser is also simple to install and is undetectable with a monitoring device as it can be installed directly on the onboard computer system of your vehicle, making it less intrusive than physical anti-theft equipment such as steering wheel locks.

No Need for Car Tracker – Thanks to Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost Immobiliser has been proved as the most effective and fantastic alternative to different car tracking systems. But, for additional protection and peace of mind, we suggest using a vehicle tracking system alongside the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser. The GPS car trackers enable you to monitor your car in real time and make sure you have the access only. The Ghost Immobiliser can work with this system to enable you to manage the starting system of your car and avoid unauthorized use.

Ghost Immobiliser is Cheap and Easy to Install

At Car Specialist Customs, we provide, fit, install and program the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser for a very cheap price. The Ghost Immobiliser is not like ordinary security systems in the market and is a great investment that can be removed and refitted in case you change your car. Also, there is a mobile app available which can connect to your vehicle and enable you to start the vehicle without entering the PIN code, which is available from the App Store for the lowest price.

Fitting and installing of your Ghost Immobiliser is hassle free and low-impact, thanks to the Ghost using its own CAN Data Network of your vehicle. Also, because of the nature of the CAN Data, Ghost immobiliser has been tested and adapted for every compatible car.

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