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Facial Pain
Face pain can affect any area of the face, but the mouth and eyes are particularly susceptible. Face pain can result from a serious medical condition, however it is often brought on by an accident or headache.

Most benign factors that cause face pain. But if your facial pain seems to have no known cause, call a doctor for a diagnosis.
There are several conditions that can cause facial pain, and it can occasionally be quite difficult to identify the underlying cause. As a result, patients frequently consult with a variety of medical specialists, such as dentists, pain specialists, neurosurgeons, and neurologists.
This can be time-consuming and challenging.
Why does my face hurt?
Similar to situations of head and neck discomfort, the first step in adequately recognising the problem is to give the patient a set of surveys to complete.
A dentist from the Pain Centre will then conduct a thorough examination of the patient. The next step is to conduct a number of diagnostic tests, such as imaging examinations, laboratory analysis, psychological evaluations, nerve blocks, and other techniques that can provide significant cues regarding the condition’s aetiology.
When a more serious facial discomfort or an infectious illness of the upper respiratory tract is the underlying cause of sinusitis, doctors frequently prescribe sinusitis medication.
Facial pain on the left side
Sinus infections usually cause facial pain on left side and can also cause headaches from the sinuses. Dental problems, facial cellulitis, or damage from an injury are other contributing causes.
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What options are there for treating face pain?
Along with the rash, virus-like shingles can also result in face pain.
In other cases, the soreness disappears on its own after a few days or weeks. Sometimes nerve discomfort may persist for a while.
Two antiviral prescription drugs, acyclovir and valacyclovir, may reduce the length of the breakouts, although the doctor may suggest additional drugs to lessen any lingering nerve irritation.
If a viral infection is the reason for your facial discomfort, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate antibiotic medication to treat the symptoms. Viral causes cannot be treated by medication; in this instance, your doctor will likely advise supportive therapies.
There are surgical techniques that can disrupt nerve fibers in the face to relieve pain, especially for the neural causes of facial discomfort. With the help of your doctor, decide if this decision is the best possible one for you.
If a dental problem is to blame for the pain in your face, a dentist can treat it by prescribing you antibiotics, removing your tooth, or performing a root canal.
OTC painkillers are used to treat headaches and facial pain associated with cluster headaches.
Pain in the face and a sinus infection
Sinus migraines can also be brought on by severe illnesses, which frequently produce pain and pressure in your face.
If you have a cold or allergies, your risk of developing headaches and sinus infections increases.
However, sinus headaches may actually be a migraine with nasal symptoms.
In that case, a medical practitioner can help you find long-term relief.
It continues to be challenging to diagnose and treat facial discomfort, both for medical professionals and patients.
In clinical practice, patients with facial pain commonly undergo several, repeated sessions with various specialists and get a range of therapy, including surgery.
Many patients and their primary care physicians falsely link discomfort to the nose when that isn’t the case. To avoid receiving the incorrect type of care, it is essential to screen out other potential causes of facial pain before considering sinus surgery.
If you have acute sinusitis, it could be difficult to breathe through your nose. You can have headaches or a strong soreness in your face, and you might feel as though your face and the area around your eyes are enlarged.
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What options are there for treating face pain?
Virus-like shingles may cause facial pain along with the rash. In other instances, the discomfort goes away by itself after a few days or weeks. In some cases, nerve pain could not go away for a while.
Acyclovir and Val acyclovir, two antiviral prescription medications, may shorten the duration of the breakouts but the physician may recommend additional medications to ease any lingering nerve discomfort.
Your doctor will give you the proper antibiotic medicine to treat the signs if the cause of your facial discomfort is viral. Medications will not treat viral causes, and if this is the case, your doctor will probably recommend supportive treatments.
In particular, for the neural reasons of facial pain, there are surgical methods that can damage nerve fibers in the face to alleviate pain feelings. Discuss this choice with your doctor to determine if it is the most suitable one for you.
If a dental issue is the cause of the discomfort in your face, a dental professional can cure it by giving you an antibiotic prescription, extracting your tooth, or conducting a root canal.
Painkillers sold over-the-counter (OTC) help ease a headache or cluster headache-related pain in the face.

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