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Do Kitchen Cabinets Have To Match? Ultimate Style Guide

by Jack Leo

Designing your home is among the best aspects of planning your dream home! However, it could also be the most stressful or stressful portion. You may be asking yourself which options work and which don’t. You would like your home to reflect your personality and your style or taste. The kitchen cabinetry can present a unique problem.

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen space, what kind of design “rules” should you follow? Cabinets can be a great solution to maximize capacity and storage and help make your kitchen appear less clutter-filled.

Do your kitchen cabinets need the right look? In short, it depends. Kitchen cabinets do not need to be matched. Your kitchen and cabinets can look as unique as you would like them. If you would like that they are in harmony, they can. If you’d rather mix things up, then you don’t need to. It all boils down to the style and feel you wish to create.

When you mix colors and materials by combining colors and materials, you can personalize the space so that the materials and colours work well together. However, it’s better not to create a distinct and cluttered style. It is important to preserve transitional areas like baseboards and crown moldings to give an elegant style.


Most modern homes have identical cabinets throughout the home, including the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Although the newer homes maintain a consistent look ultimately it’s dependent on personal taste. Certain homeowners believe that matching cabinets could make the house appear dull or “cookie cutter.” Professionals generally mix and match different colors and materials when they design.

If you’re looking to keep your kitchen and home appearing more uniform, You may wish to make all of your kitchen cabinets in a similar color and design. Using a traditional white color or finished wood cabinets can achieve a degree of consistency suitable to the traditional kitchen. 


The majority of the trends in cabinetry today are based on a simple or minimalist look. However, several extravagant designs are very trendy. Here’s a list of the most sought-after design trends in cabinetry of the past few seasons:

  • The Open Shelves The concept is popular for those who want to showcase dishes that match or even a unique piece. You can use open shelving to make a uniquely modern, cutting-edge style.
  • Colour Customization Some homeowners desire a distinctive kitchen design and choosing the color of a cabinet is among the most effective methods to accomplish that.
  • More use of Oak Wood– from the 70s through the 90s cabinets made of oak were extensively employed. Oak kitchen cabinets are now making their way back into the market. The appeal of neutral hues, texture, dimension and soft luxury can be combined to create a harmonious style.
  • Style TransitionalIt can look like a blend of natural stones with white walls.
  • Clean aesthetic modern cabinets are not adorned with the typical ornamental designs common to traditional door designs. They typically have a recessed panel door and seamless edge profiles that create simple, clear lines.
  • Different Finishes Colorshomeowners today can pick from a variety of finishes and methods. When you mix finish colors and techniques, you can make a distinctive look to your kitchen.
  • Large Bowl Sinks or Multiple SinksThe majority of homes come with a large bowl sink, or multiple sinks, focusing on functionality.


The same guidelines for design that you’d follow for furniture, wall colors accessories, flooring, and wall colors apply to kitchen cabinets and countertops. Cupboards in your kitchen and countertops. There is no need to match each furniture piece and wall color. This is also true for cabinets. If you plan to mix up your kitchen, select colors, and styles that help connect everything.

When you’ve got an island countertop in the kitchen, you can easily mix it up by choosing different materials, styles, or colors. You can also apply similar materials, door styles, or paint for the bathroom adjacent to it or in another space. It’s normal for cabinets for kitchen islands to differ from the cabinetry around them.


A few new cabinets with the old could appear unbalanced and incomplete. It is possible to alter the look of your cabinets to appear as if they are part of the same set by combining aspects of both. You can alter the color of the paint, door design, and hardware to create the look of a complete kitchen.

Color coordination can be a way to create a unified look between older and new cabinets. If you purchase brand new cabinets for your kitchen that differ from the older ones, select the color you prefer and paint the cabinets to blend. It is also possible to stick the same color scheme which complements your house. This can make your house appear more welcoming and warm.


A professional’s advice can give you an idea of the direction you’d like to follow. Some experts will advise you that matching paint is the most important thing. Some will say that matching the door’s design will be more crucial. Whatever you choose to do, experts can assist you in making your innovative decision.

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