Difference Between Double And Single Glazing

Difference Between Double And Single Glazing

by Jack Leo

Windows play a vital role in our houses. They help to make the room spacious and airy. They allow natural light to get inside and illuminate the whole room. And, above all, windows bring the kind of aesthetics to the room that makes the whole setup classy. So, if you are planning to change your old windows with new ones, or install new windows in an apartment, you have to be careful while choosing one. Installing windows can be a game-changer. Therefore, it is mandatory to select them carefully. When it comes to installing windows, the one thing that bothers most people is they are in a constant dilemma as to whether to install single glazing windows or double glazing windows. To make the right decision in this respect, the very first thing that you need to do is to gather information about both single glazing and double glazing. We understand you are facing issues getting the correct information about both glazing options. So, we have come up with this blog.

In this blog, you will get to know about both single glazing and double glazing. The USP of this blog is the stark difference that we have presented to you between single glazing and double glazing based on different factors. So, before you hire the services of single glazing repairs Birmingham, this guide will educate you on the same. Therefore, let’s dive into the details of this blog at once.

What are single glazing and double glazing?

When you are about to draw a comparative analysis between two thoughts or ideas, it is necessary to start with the definition of both. It is from this definition of single glazing and double glazing that you will be able to relate both with their respective features, advantages and disadvantages.

In short, single glazing windows are those that have a single glass pane which is present within the window frame. So, in a nutshell, single glazing has just one glaze or glass. When you look at a window that has a single glass, you will notice only one glass present between the interior and exterior of the room. In normal window glazes, the width of the glass lies somewhere between 3 mm to 10 mm. This is not enough for proper insulation. However, installing a single glaze window would be a risky choice as the insulation in these windows is much less than the normal ones. Therefore, single glazing windows will not be able to prevent energy loss.

On the other hand, double glazing is a type of window glazing that consists of two glass panes. So, to fix two glass panes one after another, the glaziers leave a small gap between the two. This minute space is either filled by vacuum or gas. It is this gas or vacuum that works as an insulative barrier. In double glazing, you can provide UV-tinted or laminated glass. The entire look and feel of a double glazing glass are exactly similar to that of single glazing glass. However, the former is more functional than the latter. Once you install double glazing glasses, you can improve their thermal efficiency by 80%.

Pros and cons of single glazing

To help you know whether you should use single glazing, it is essential to learn about its advantages and disadvantages. Before you hire the services of emergency single glazed door repair, take a look at how it can benefit you:

Releases heat easily

Although this point may work negatively during the winter time, it can work profitably on the hot summer days. If you want the interiors of your room to be cool, install single glazing glasses.

Cheaper to purchase and install

It is quite obvious that the single glazing glasses will cost much less than the double glazing glasses as the latter involves two glasses. Therefore, you will have to pay half of what you generally pay for double glazing glasses. Besides, single glazing glasses have a thinner design, making them lightweight and easier to install in the frames.

Everything has some drawbacks. Similarly, single glazing glasses also are no exception. Here are the cons of single glazing glasses as given below:

No insulation

With single glazing glasses, you will never get any insulation. This is because single glazing glasses do not have the capacity to lock the heat, especially when it comes in contact with the windows. So, when the weather is cold outside, you can expect to lose the heat from the heat inside due to a lack of insulation.

Breaks easily

As the name suggests, single glazing glasses are made out of only one glass pane. Therefore, they are brittle enough to be broken and damaged easily.

No sound insulation

Similar to heat insulation, single pane glazing glasses do not offer to soundproof as well. This means that the sound outside is sure to get in and vice versa.

Prone to condensation

Single glazing glasses also lack condensation. Condensation happens when the hot air becomes cool and turns into light water. The thinness of the single glazing often performs the role of this cool surface.

Pros and cons of double glazing

Now, let’s focus on the advantages and disadvantages of double glazing glasses. First, we will take a look into the benefits to ensure that you need double glazing.

Complete insulation

This is one of the greatest advantages of double glazing glasses. Even though the space between the two glasses is filled with air or vacuum, it can insulate, thereby making it difficult for the heat to get transferred through the window.

Efficiency in energy

Since double glazing will allow the heat to be retained inside the room, you can expect to save a lot of energy. This is made possible with the help of slowed thermal transfer. As result, you will save on electricity bills.

Better safety and structure

Since the double glazing glasses offer two layers of glasses, it is sure to have more safety. It is much more challenging to break two glasses than one glass. This will not only ensure the safety but also the durability of this kind of glazing.

Less condensation

Again, it is due to the double layers of the glasses that it condenses much lesser than single glazing. There is a science behind it. if you take a look at the inner glass here, you will notice that it will never become adequately cold to carry on condensation.

Again, double glazing has some cons as well. These are highlighted below:


Indeed, this is an expensive option and not for those who are working on a tight budget. This is because the involvement of two glasses in double glazing doubles its price compared to single glazing.

Has the possibility of condensation

In double glazing, condensation can happen sometimes between the two glasses and that is something more frustrating.

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Now that you have a clear idea about the two types of glazing, it will be easier for you to pick the one that suits you. make sure to hire the glazing services of a reputed company so that you do not regret the end results later. Above all, do not forget to clarify all your doubts before you allow the glazier company to work for you.

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