Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai: Unforgettable Adventure and Arabian Delights

by Jack Leo

Quench your thirst for adventure with a desert safari dubai. The adrenaline rush from the duel between tall sand dunes and your Land Cruiser is unmatchable.

Indulge in the popular desert sports of dune bashing and sand boarding before making yourself comfortable in a camp inspired by the Bedouin lifestyle. You can also try camel riding and henna painting.

Dune Bashing

For adrenaline junkies, dune bashing is the stuff that dreams are made of. Feel the thrill as a skilled safari driver speeds your vehicle over giant sand dunes. Some trips also include sand boarding to add an extra element of challenge. These excursions typically depart in the afternoon, so you can catch a spectacular desert sunset. Later, unwind at a traditional Bedouin camp and enjoy a barbecue dinner and shows such as belly dancing and the hypnotic tanoura whirling dance.

Ideal for culture connoisseurs, this experience combines a heart-pounding dune bashing session with cultural activities such as riding a camel and smoking a shisha waterpipe. You can also paint your hands and feet with henna or get a photoshoot in traditional Arabian dress. If you opt for the private tour, enjoy a dedicated driver and hotel pickup and drop-off in central Dubai. There are morning and evening departures, but sunset trips are best for capturing awe-inspiring desert sunsets.

Camel Ride

Take a ride on a double-humped beast during an evening desert safari tour in Dubai. This is a great way to experience Bedouin culture and capture some memorable photographs. Depending on the tour, you’ll be able to sit on a camel for as little as 5 minutes or as long as you want.

Then, head to a desert camp for a dinner and entertainment show. You can also go dune bashing on this tour, or quad biking (depending on availability).

You’ll have the chance to learn about the wildlife of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and watch a falcon demonstration and dance performance. Once you’ve built up an appetite, enjoy a traditional meal and Arabic coffee. You’ll then be returned to your hotel. Don’t forget to try the Lebanese bread, which is a soft deep-fried marshmallow that melts in your mouth. It’s delicious dipped in hummus.

Quad Biking

The adrenaline rush you feel as you ride a quad bike through the desert is hard to match. This activity is a must-try during your desert safari Dubai tour and is especially popular with visitors who enjoy extreme sports.

The quads have low-pressure tyres that make it easy for riders to navigate the sandy dunes. The handlebars are ergonomically designed to ensure safety and feature custom grips that help you manoeuvre the bike.

Most tours offer an optional brunch or dinner with show in a traditional Bedouin camp, which is perfect for travelers who want to experience some culture while enjoying the thrill of driving a quad bike. The best time to book a quad biking desert safari is spring or autumn, when the weather is usually warmer than summer but not as hot as winter.

To avoid getting overheated, it is recommended that you wear loose-fitting clothing made of cool fabrics during the daytime. You should also pack some warm clothes for nighttime if you’re planning to stay at the desert camp for a dinner show.


During the evening and early morning on your desert safari, you’ll have the chance to relax and soak up the sunset. You’ll also have the chance to take some spectacular photos of the desert scenery.

To ensure your toes don’t get too sandy, we recommend choosing sneakers instead of sandals for this activity. You should also pack a pair of sunglasses and something to tie back long hair.

This classic evening desert safari is an experience that consistently gets glowing reviews. It includes an afternoon of thrilling dune bashing, sand boarding and camel riding followed by an Arabian dinner and evening entertainment shows.

Upgrade to the Overnight Heritage Desert Safari for a truly special desert experience. This option enables you to spend the night in a Bedouin tent in addition to enjoying all the activities included in the evening and morning. The overnight experience is limited to 200 guests and includes a hot air balloon flight at sunrise.

Henna Painting

Henna has long been an important tradition in many Islamic and Arab cultures. It is used as a form of body art, and it is also popular among women at weddings. It is safe for most people, but it can cause skin redness or blistering in those who have a rare genetic disorder called G6PD deficiency.

Hena stains the outer layer of your skin, leaving behind patterns that last for about a week or more. It is usually darker on palms and feet, and lighter on other parts of the body, like knees and elbows.

The experience is complete with a starlit barbecue dinner at the desert camp and traditional performances including tanoura dance and sequinned belly dancing shows. After a memorable evening, you’ll be returned to your hotel or chosen location in Dubai.


Experience the desert lifestyle and cuisine on this full-day excursion from Dubai. Ride a quad bike over the giant sand dunes and enjoy a traditional camel ride before relaxing at a plush Bedouin-style camp. At dinner time, enjoy a buffet and live entertainment with henna painting and belly dancing displays.

Ideal for culture connoisseurs, this trip offers a mix of traditional and modern desert adventures. After a heart-pounding dune bashing session in a four-wheel drive vehicle, ride a camel and surf the dunes on a sandboard. Take a halt at a desert camp modeled after a local tent, smoke shisha, get a henna tattoo and watch hypnotic ‘tanoura’ folk dancers.

A scrumptious BBQ buffet isincluded, so dig in to a selection of mouthwatering dishes, including vegetarian options. You can also enjoy refreshing soft drinks. Door-to-door hotel transport is provided.

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