Can Someone Find My Address From My Number Plate?

Can Someone Find My Address From My Number Plate?

by Jack Leo

Although, number plate of any vehicle is its identity but no one can legally get your address from it. Only the law enforcement department can do this by getting your registration history for this number and other information. Rather than powerful governmental agencies, no one can simply find your address with your vehicle’s number plate.

According to the resources, it has been observed that if anyone individually tries to get your address with number plate without any connection with law enforcement agencies, it would be counted as an illegal act. The government may charge fine, or take the person to the custodies to understand why he is trying to do this.

Pay attention – The DVLA and the law enforcement agencies, rather than no one has capabilities to withdraw your address with your vehicle’s number plate. If anybody is doing this, it would be an illegal act which might be risky for him/her.

If you don’t know, adding your address by yourself on the number plates is also illegal. In fact, the government is very much strict even in coloring of the plates etc. So, you can get idea from this how severe would be the custody for illegal tracing of any vehicle’s owner address by its number plates.

We recommend you to always follow the government instructions and rules while hanging plates on your vehicle. Plus, you should also take care of choosing an ideal plates manufacturer while getting your plates ready. Because going with an un-professional source maybe risky in future. Our research has observed that only a few authorized sources are following proper governmental rules and instructions.

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The Bottom Line

We shared with you an in-depth information about is there anyone can find your address with your vehicle’s number plates in the above article. Plus, the risks and authority of agencies is also mentioned who can do this but only in needed situations.

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