5 Myths and Misconceptions About Homeopathy

by Jack Leo

Ever since the discovery of homeopathy, with it have come a number of myths and misconceptions. And because of this, a lot of people don’t have any idea of what it actually is. It has been a total of 200 years since homeopathy came into being. With that more than 200 myths and misconceptions have been spread about it. 

A million patients have been treated by the use of homeopathic medicine and a lot of them have gotten better. But, more than that, the number of people spreading false news about homeopathy medicine is increasing day by day. The best homeopathic doctor in Karachi says that this is maybe because of the prevalence of allopathy medicine used for treatment.

Let’s dive in and have a look at the myths that have been spread around. Also, it is important to know about the facts at the same time. 

Myth 1: Homeopathy is not beneficial for those with chronic illnesses   

It is often said that homeopathy treatment can only work for patients that need regular checkups. And it is misunderstood that for any serious illness it can never work.

Homeopathic treatment provides the best alternative treatment that an allopathy treatment can give. If the homeopathic medicines are given on time when they are needed, they can make a huge difference in the health of the patient. It is also great for curing acute ailments like flu, fever, hepatitis, cold, and tonsils.          

Myth 2: Homeopathy works really slow

Homeopathic treatment can be very fast to work when it comes to infections, diarrhea, and even fever. Now, a lot of people call it a slow treatment just because it takes time to treat bigger diseases like psoriasis. And in case of such conditions and diseases there is an extended amount of time needed in any kind of treatment, be it allopathic or homeopathic.

 Also, the fact that homeopathic treatment can be great for treating allergies, arthritis, migraine, and even asthma totally makes us not think of the disease that takes time to get treated. It does take time to treat inflammatory conditions and pains which makes people think that it is a very slow form of treatment. 

Myth 3: Only trust anti-biotics when it comes to handling infections

All over the world, it is said that antibiotics work the best when it comes to treating inflammatory diseases. But it is not true at all, there are other means that work great also, just like homeopathic medicines. These can be taken and can work great in curing infections that can impact the normal working of the body. 

In just a few rare cases, it has been observed that antibiotics are used alongside allopathy medicines. This is only done in cases where the body loses its power to recover and the infection gets massive. 

Myth 4: Homeopathic medicine is a miracle as it treats all the diseases 

Homeopathy medicine can work like a miracle as it can cure a number of major diseases. But putting your faith to that extreme is never a good idea. On the other end, a lot of people believe that it is just a placebo effect. So, like all other things, there must be a balance kept here. 

It is no magical portion as this can not help you survive the deadliest of diseases like cancer. A lot more diseases like cancer can also be managed with medicine, but to think that it can cure it completely is wrong. Like every other form of treatment, homeopathy treatment does have limitations. 

Myth 5: Homeopathy means herbal medicine

No, this doesn’t really mean herbal medicine. Limiting homeopathic medicine to just herbal is not fair to the results that this treatment shows. Yes, there are a number of medicines used that are sourced from herbs but they also are sourced from animal products, chemicals, and minerals. Also, the medicines used in homeopathy are made with sophisticated methods and there is a deep philosophy to them. 

Now, while making homeopathic medicine, the toxic effect of the herb vanishes, and the therapeutic benefits get increased that enhance the effect of the medication and eradicating the toxicity involved with the use of herbs. 

So, even if they are used in the preparation of homeopathic medicine, there is no way you can say that these herbs can be toxic or bad for your health as these are added carefully while the preparation of the homeopathic medicine.     


Homeopathic medicine is one of the best forms of treatment that can be sued these days when there is allopathy everywhere. Make sure that you trust the right kind of information needed to trust this form of treatment. Ignore all the myths and do your own research to find out what is true and what is made up.

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