11 Tips from Movers When Relocating to a New Office Space

by Jack Leo

Relocating to a new workplace location is just as time-consuming as transferring to a new house. The heavy furniture, hard-to-pack electronics, and innumerable trinkets make it even more challenging to move considering that there is often no sufficient time to accomplish everything. Irrespective of the size of a company, relocating to a new office takes a great deal of labor. 

For companies moving to a new space, the following best self storage in dubai tips can make the experience as smooth and effortless as possible: 

1. Plan ahead of time 

When deciding to do an office relocation, it is important to begin the process as soon as possible. Along with preparing how to get everything all set up for the relocation day, it is also vital to have a plan concerning where the items will be placed once they arrive at the new office space. A blueprint can be used to plan out the layout of the new workplace and common areas, as well as any additional requirements needed. Also, consider that a few months before the actual relocation is needed to establish a clear and comprehensive plan concerning the relocation. 

2. Designate a relocation manager 

The contribution of a relocation manager can be quite significant. They assist and monitor each process in the relocation to guarantee that things are progressing smoothly. An administrative assistant is typically the perfect candidate for this, as well as someone with prior expertise concerning commercial relocations. 

3. Research and hire the best moving company 

Hiring a moving companies can either make or break the relocation process. Thus, it is important to hire the best removalist for the job. Research about moving companies to see their previous performances through the reviews of their former clients. For companies who have sufficient funds, consider hiring a full-service relocation company. Inquire about removalists who specialize in office relocations and make sure to select the one with an established track record and a license to operate to avoid any mishaps on the relocation process. 

4. Have everyone pack their own desk space

Having every employee accountable for packing their own desk space is a great advantage. Give them a heads-up on when they should have their workstations cleared. They may need a couple of hours before the day of the relocation to settle everything and get their workstations in order. 

5. Be mindful of technical equipment 

One of the most difficult aspects of transferring to a new office location is detaching and reinstalling all of the technical pieces of equipment. As soon as there is a final moving date, have the information technology staff create a strategy for transporting all the tech. Servers, phones, and computers are all included, so are the data and internet subscriptions. This is one that cannot be outsourced to 1 ton pickup for sale in uae . Thus, it is important that the IT staff begins working on it beforehand. 

6. Be aware of building rules 

When relocating to new office space, it is important to acquire a comprehensive list of all building rules that apply to the move. It is possible that the move can only be done during non-business hours or that there need be a special request form to utilize the service elevator. Obtain these guidelines from the building management as soon as possible because they will govern the logistics of the relocation day. 

7. Set up the new address 

It is preferable for companies to begin updating documents with their latest address in order to make sure that they keep their clients up to date. The new address shall be put on all business cards, envelopes, letterhead, etc. It is far preferable to have all of this updated paperwork on hand before the relocation rather than risk waiting for it for weeks on end. 

8. Be meticulous in categorizing boxes 

Labeling the boxes is essential in any relocation, but it is extremely vital when transferring to a new workplace. Properly mark every single package to avoid hunting for items when they are needed. For optimal effectiveness, mark each container with a location and a number, and keep a matching document that details each container number and the goods that are within it. This will make it convenient for everyone to retrieve. 

9. Ensure that everything fits 

Rather than spending time, effort, and cash hauling goods that will not fit in the new office space, measure the largest items and compare them to the measurements of the new space. These items may include conference room tables, huge electrical apparatus, and anything else that requires a lot of room. With that said, it is important to relocate to an office space that allows for the accommodation of large furniture and pieces of equipment. 

10. Try to move non-essentials beforehand 

Ease the relocation day by transferring as many of the little items as possible. Moving goods like plants and bulk office supplies on your own could make the entire process quicker, particularly if you can have them set up in their new places. 

11. Celebrate!

Everyone experiences stress during an office relocation. A little celebration after the move can be a way to thank everyone for their help in making the relocation a success. This can also be a way to welcome new things at the new workplace. 


Relocating to a new commercial movers in dubai takes a massive effort. Plan ahead of time as much as possible to avoid to-dos falling through the gaps and select a relocation manager early on. By following the above-given tips, moving to a new office space can be so much easier and less stressful.

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